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Our home automation solutions will transform your home into the house of the future.
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Micromasters Pioneers Inc.

Toronto Residential and Commercial Electrical Services. Our  business has been in operation since 2002, having over a decade of experience offering variety of electrical services to those located in GTA. We are proud of providing the excellent service and comprehensive expertise that we offer and find a better source of know-how and professionalism when it comes to servicing the electrical requirement of residential, industrial, and commercial premises.

We are committed to offering a service that is tailored to you.


Get Consultation With Us

We offer a free consultation and guide you when choosing a standby generator that is perfect for your needs.


Formal Meeting With Our Team

We take the time to understand your exact requirement so that we are able to meet and exceed your expectations.


We Work For Your Projects

We can handle any type of outdoor lighting project - the design and installation of all electrical projects.

Our Skill

Highlights of Qualifications:

Our team is led by licensed electricians with lots of training and experience upgrading electrical services. You can be confident of a service that is compliant with the electrical code and best practices.
Our Vision & Mission

Realize Your Dream Building

Proud to be Toronto Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

The best thing is you can count on us to take care of electrical installations from A to Z.

Have PRofessional Team Working

Our licensed and experienced team can provide a creative, energy-efficient lighting design for any project.

Have Best Electrical Equipment

We are using the best equipment to complete your projects successfully. We are eager to meet your needs.

Hard Work & Smart For Successfully

We offer the expertise, hard-working and competitive pricing to replace outdated electrical projects.