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We offer the home automation solutions you need to elevate your lifestyle.

Home Automation solutions including Lighting, Music, Entertainment

We offer the home automation solutions you need to elevate your lifestyle. Our home automation solution system will allow all the sub-systems in your house to be controlled from one user-friendly interface. There are two main functions in a perfectly configured smart home.
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Smart Home Automation

After the system has been installed, you can have your house anticipate and react to your needs rather than having to control things manually. This offers limitless possibilities of what you can achieve with home automation.
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Smart Home Control

With this, you get centralized control over such things as music, entertainment, lighting, cooling systems, security systems, curtains & blinds, and so much more.

Our home automation solutions will transform your home into the house of the future. Best of all, you can start small and add more until the entire house is automated. Call us to find out more.

Installing or repairing electrical panel
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Service Panel Upgrades

If you own an old home, you may have noticed that it is not keeping up with your current energy demands. This is because you have an old fuse panel. Older homes were equipped with 100-amp electrical service. This was enough to power life back in the day. Times have changed. Modern appliances and technological devices are made to consume more energy and require more electrical outlets. Upgrading the old electrical service to a modern one will make life easier.
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Standby Generator Installations

Are you tired of worrying about power outages ruining the perishables in your fridge or rendering your security system useless? There is a solution. You can protect your home with the 24/7 backup power that a standby generator provides. The best thing is you can count on Electric MD to take care of standby generator installations from A to Z. We offer a free consultation and guide you when choosing a standby generator that is perfect for your needs.

Our standby generator installation includes:

Plugging cable into the charging station
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Electrical Car Charger Installation

Are you planning on buying your first electric car? Are you tired of using the public charging stations? Is the standard wall socket too slow? We have the solution for you. When you need an electrical car charger installation, we are the best team for the job. At Electric MD, we have completed countless electric car charger installation projects in Ontario.

We understand that electric vehicles have varying levels and types of charging, which utilize varying voltages and amperages to operate.

Whether you need Level 1 or Level 2 (Level 3 is designed for commercial use), we’ve got you covered. We are a team of licensed electrical contractors with an ECRA/ESA electrical contracting license. We will ensure you have the appropriate electrical panel and help with the filing of the project with the ESA as required by law.

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Home Safety Inspection

We are proud to be the go-to company for Home Safety Inspection in Ontario. As a homeowner, your main concern is the safety of your home and everyone in it.

An electrical work inspection by a licensed, bonded, and insured electrician will help put your concerns at rest.

Illuminated house at night
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Knob and Tube Replacement

Homes built before the 1950s have knob and tube wiring. This is an outdated electrical system that was once very popular in Canada.

Today, homes that still use this system are prone to shocks and fires. That is why at Electric MD, we are committed to offering the best services for the removal and replacement of knob and tube wiring.

Owners of older homes are advised to replace knob and tube wiring to guarantee adequate electrical access and improved home safety. Luckily, our team of licensed electricians is just down the road to help with this.

When you contact us, we will provide you with an upfront estimate. We will then deploy our skilled and experienced electricians, who will work tirelessly to ensure your residential electrical issues are resolved and meet the electrical safety authority standards.

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Pool and Spa, Hot Tubs Wiring

Faulty electricity around the hot tubs and pools can be dangerous. When you need this kind of work, you must ensure that you are working with a trusted professional who is experienced and licensed. This is what you get with us. Our team will make sure pool and spa, hot tubs wiring is done to code, and the installation remains within your budget.

All the electrical installations are done in accordance with all applicable local electrical codes, and all the work is handled by a licensed electrician. By confiding in us at the beginning of the building process, you can enjoy a seamless process of creating your new pool, spa and hot tub. Your concern for safety, quality and satisfaction is always a top priority.

Our experience and knowledge enable us to offer full design assistance for our customers for both new builds and renovations.

Couple relaxing in spa center swimming pool
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Pot Lights - Indoor and Outdoor

Our artistic approach to pot light installation is made possible by our expert team and years of experience handling indoor and outdoor pot light installations in Ontario. Our experience and skilled team enable us to create bespoke and site-specific lighting solutions.

When you come to us, we start by having a discussion which helps us understand your vision. Our professionals will then create a design scheme, calculate energy savings and source branded lamps at competitive prices. Our licensed and knowledgeable electricians will then pay close attention to your needs without compromising on quality during installation.

We understand high energy consumption can force you to cut corners. That is why we only use energy-efficient lights to create the impression you desire without straining your finances. Don’t settle for the dull lights. Give us a call and allow us to add life to your indoor and outdoor space.

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Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans & Exhaust

When it comes to the installation of chandeliers, ceiling fans and exhausts, no company does it better than us. At Electric MD, we are committed to being your one-stop shop for all your electrical installation and replacement needs.

We have completed countless lighting and home improvement projects for homeowners in and around Ontario. Our success can be attributed to our undying desire to meet and exceed the expectations of clients.

To get started, we encourage you to get in touch with us for a free consultation. This enables us to understand your needs and desires. Our licensed electricians will offer expert advice and recommendations after understanding your needs. We will also provide you with a detailed quote.

If you approve, you can count on an experienced and licensed team of electricians to bring your dream to life.

We are here to help your project shine.